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By August 1999 Ryan had started  crawling.   Watch out world here he comes.

Ryan00.jpg (104127 bytes)      OK you've noticed he is a bit cross eyed.   Ryan9-99.jpg (189866 bytes)

Yes, he has problems with his eyes.  The trouble is how do you test a child's eyesight properly when they can't tell you what they see!   We were told that a squint is common in children with hydrocephalus.   He wears a patch over one eye part of the time to try to encourage his other eye to work normally.   To be honest I don't see that it makes much difference.   As soon as the patch comes off his eyes go back to the way they were before.  Never mind, he recognizes us all and is vain enough to enjoy looking in a mirror.

 Ryan0999-3.jpg (451619 bytes)   On this one you can see the lump on the back of his head caused by the latest shunt (see the Hydrocephalus page).

In September 1999 there was a big event in his life.   He had a new baby sister.

debr&r.jpg (284026 bytes)Here they are, Ryan with his mum and his baby sister.   His newborn sister is wearing a suit he wore when he was 6 months old (it was a bit big on him even then!)


Ryan really likes having his photo taken which is lucky because it happens rather a lot.


deb&ryan.jpg (354172 bytes)

ryansept99.jpg (325809 bytes) But then, could you resist this if you had a camera?


   During the winter Ryan seemed to catch every illness going.   It seemed like he was never going to be strong enough to fight off infections, even "common" colds without hospital visits.   He's a resilient little boy though and bounces back each time grinning.

By Christmas we are all excited.   Ryan could drag himself up on furniture (and people) and was interested in everything going on around him. A big change from Christmas 1998 and things were getting better all the time.

ryanstand.jpg (217431 bytes)   Not the best picture but he's on his feet!


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