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dec&jan 001.jpg (916450 bytes)A bit of a frightening prospect - Ryan's Christmas present was a junior quad-bike.   He loves it though and with his safety hat and his boots he should be OK.    He is never out on it alone anyway.

Ryan has had a few problems this year.   We believe his shunt is not working properly and periodically blocks.   He has been in Treliske Hospital down here in Cornwall and Frenchay Hospital in Bristol a few times.   At the moment he seems fine again so we all just take each day as it comes and are prepared for him to be rushed off again at a moments notice.   When he goes into hospital his sister Rebecca comes here to stay with us.   She gets worried about Ryan and being 8 years  old now she understands a lot more than she used to and asks a lot more questions.   We try to explain as best we can and are always honest with her about what is happening.

A few photos -

February, Ryan does a floor puzzle by himself 0702260009.JPG (1059331 bytes) 

and here he is skating, we realize he will never be proficient at it, he needs someone to hold him up but we all try to give him as 'normal' and full a life as possible

2007-02-11-skate-02.JPG (213080 bytes) here it is his daddy and his aunty  helping him, he does love it in short bursts - he gets cold quickly so he has lots of rests off of the ice.   

He is with his daddy in this photo.  2007-02-11-skate-04.JPG (825713 bytes)

We celebrated his 9th birthday in April with a party to which he invited children from his special unit.  2007-05-06-001ryanbday014.JPG (2327721 bytes)  Here he enjoys a game with his friends     then a picnic tea. 2007-05-06-001ryanbday023.jpg (2124183 bytes)

 We notice that there are now no children of his age in the unit, all the children are considerably younger than him, the older children have all moved on, most of them having been integrated into main stream schooling.   This is not an option for Ryan so special schools are being looked at.  

In June he was on a trampoline at his cousins birthday 2007-06-03-04.JPG (2750648 bytes) on his own, then on another trampoline with his cousins   0707060006.JPG (3292684 bytes)

2007carnival01.JPG (2440301 bytes)  July is Carnival time here in Bodmin and Ryan enjoys a fair ground ride with his sister.   We all try not to make her feel responsible for him but she is always there, looking out for him.

0707080008.jpg (1720829 bytes)

In August we had some lovely weather and Ryan played on his scooter 0707080019.jpg (2473963 bytes)

and generally had a good time 0707080023.jpg (2560084 bytes) here he helps his mum with a bar-b-q 2007-06-09-001.JPG (990504 bytes)

In September he went swimming with us all 0709230017.jpg (567262 bytes) 2007-07lakeView01.jpg (797495 bytes) and there were family birthday parties 2007-Donnas Birthday-009.JPG (2505187 bytes) Ryan with me, and with his grandpa - doing "something important" 2007-09-01.jpg (462401 bytes)

0710140007.JPG (3587755 bytes)  with daddy at his mummy's birthday and enjoying sparklers at his sisters 2007-09-02-042.JPG (417446 bytes)

   2007balloon-01.jpg (725989 bytes)

He loves my scooter and it saves him trying to walk, getting tired and falling down lots or having to be carried.   We don't want to get a wheelchair for him, its much easier this way.   He can have some independence walking then have a little rest riding with me.


 Here he is with big brother Sam and little cousin Tristan  2007xmas001.JPG (324119 bytes)

 0711060004.JPG (902281 bytes)      

However carefully you dress him he manages to look a bit of a wreck within minutes.   A typical little boy !   




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