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This year I'm just putting up some photos - 

In January Ryan went skating with his mum, dad & sister, holding onto the rail with mummy next to him he went all the way around the rink.   While his sister learnt to skate with daddy.   One of his problems is that his temperature control does not work properly so he gets hot or cold in a very quickly.   He came off of the rink and sat sharing my hot chocolate to warm up.

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Ryan's Uncle David got married in February.  

004.jpg (384260 bytes)  Ryan with Granny and Grampa    006.JPG (296068 bytes)  Ryan with Grampa's camera

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At Cadbury World with one of his cousins  007.JPG (244535 bytes)

008.jpg (851939 bytes)  with his mum 009.jpg (723552 bytes)

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 016.JPG (1196045 bytes)  Ryan (stood at the back)  with some of his classmates on a school sailing trip.017.JPG (1525324 bytes)

   018.JPG (1757859 bytes)      020.JPG (1041546 bytes)     021.JPG (1879550 bytes)

023.JPG (1828047 bytes)     025.JPG (1823706 bytes)    Ryan helping to hold the banner with daddy stood behind him.

027.JPG (693561 bytes)                                                                            

                                                                                Playing Crazy Golf on a

                                                                             Family Holiday.  

                                                                                   Sometimes he is not so steady on his feet   028.JPG (448182 bytes)


030.JPG (1326184 bytes)                                                         031.JPG (1353493 bytes)

032.JPG (1328288 bytes)    Proudly displaying a 'Special Achievement'  medal